When you perceive your environment as a loving space you can change your biology for the better.

the biology of belief

The common idea that DNA determines so much of who we are—not only our eye or hair color, for example, but also our addictions, disorders, or susceptibility to cancer—is a misconception.

You find yourself to be more or less a victim of your heredity.The problem with that belief system is that it extends to another level … You become irresponsible. [You say,] ‘I can’t do anything about it, so why try?’

This concept “says you are less powerful than your genes.

A person’s perception, not genetic programming, is what spurs all action in the body: It’s actually our beliefs that select our genes, that select our behavior.

The human body is comprised of 50 to 65 trillion cells. Cell functions independent of DNA and its perceptions of environmental stimuli affect DNA. This also applies the same principles to the human body as a whole, showing…

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