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Donna Porteous is a Metaphysician, an Intuitive and Health and LifeStyle Coach™.  Her passion and background in health, science and spirituality has enabled her to integrate her innate gifts and practical wisdom into Soulful Living™.

As an Intuitive and Health and LifeStyle Coach, Donna applies nutrition and energy modalities, allowing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritually bodies to go beyond current beliefs and conditions to reach our dreams and goals with ease, ultimately enhancing our health, wealth, personal relationships and career lives.

Donna is from Ontario, Canada and facilitates consultations, events and retreats internationally.

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Facebook: donna.porteous

Phone: 613.818.0870 (please do not put this in the book)

The Game Changer

By Donna Porteous

There is a quote I love and live by from T. HarvEker, “How we do anything is how we do everything”. This point of view aligns me with who I am, and what I am all about; love, freedom, ease, joy, glory, peace and clarity to live a life I desire verses settling. Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change” and the message from the movie Patch Adams, “Alter your perception, change your reality”, makes us question how we are being with ourselves.

Harv’s quote encourages me, yet can stop me in my tracks to pay attention to how I am being and what I am doing. I question myself, “am I loving myself with gentleness, peacefulness or stressing with hurriedness and anxiety? Am I enjoying the process, being kind to me or is it just a means to an end for me? Beware; our internal conversations are expressed as our physical life.

Once during a seminar exercise we were required to karate chop through a one inch board (I do not suggest doing this). The instructions were clear, it was a metaphor for life. If we normally stand back and observe life, perhaps we might want to volunteer to go first. This nailed me. I had to go first. I failed on my first attempt. I got all mentally psyched-up and centimeters before hitting the board, I pulled backed.  I was terrified. I reassessed and repeated, “how I do anything is how I do everything”. Where else was I doing this approach in life? I was determined to be successful at this challenge, because it was clear to me that it was a pivotal life principle. Well, let me tell you. My second approach was hysterical. Yes, I broke through that board. Not only did it split, but the sheer determination and power in my small body catapulted me about three feet up into the air, and about six feet across the room into the arms of a gentleman who caught me. I was shaking and trembling with joy beyond joy. Yes, I broke that board but most importantly, numerous old useless points of views and beliefs that were holding me back in my life were dissolved. So now I say with great conviction, “how I do anything, is how I do everything!” I learned to give it my all, to play life at a “10 plus” despite the fear, which is really False Evidence Appearing Real. This was my first big game changer into self love.

This tool changed my reality. It expanded my awareness, elevated my frequency to vibrate with more joy, peace, appreciation and love for myself. I could feel the difference, the buzz inside of me. There is a scale of consciousness, one to a thousand, that measures this type of energy in mega hertz by David Hawkins. The scale shows what feelings are equivalent to what vibration of energy. It shows that love is at 500 mega hertz. This is important because the frequency of feeling and being love transforms, manifests and heals. How we do anything is how we do everything, right? Self awareness is paramount, game changer number two.

This point of view is also a reference for doing small things with great love and the great things will look after themselves, as Mother Theresa taught. And in quantum physics, our outside world, the macro, is a reflection of our internal world of self love, the micro. Knowing that our internal conversation produces results puts all the focus on self love and awareness. It is reflected in everything that we attract. We demonstrate with our own way of how we be with ourselves, what we will accept, tolerate and allow from others. We literally teach others how to treat us. Authentic genuine self love truly is the center of our universe. We can change the world one person at a time, starting with ourselves.

The Law of Attraction and Magnetism teaches that whatever and however we give our attention to, will be matched and returned with the same level and quality of intention. It does not decide what is right, wrong, good or not good for us. It merely matches our vibration, intention and frequency with the way we are feeling with life experiences. Note to self, this is game changer number three.

How you do anything is how you do everything. How do you love yourself? If you are not sure, take a look around you. Results are everywhere. Results are facts and do not lie. What is your environment like, how is your health and energy level, how are others treating you, how are they responding to your requests, do people like to sit beside you, are folks drawn to you to share positive loving stories or to complain? The answers to these questions are results and evidence of how you are loving yourself.  They are not right, wrong, good or bad. They are results. How do these results make you feel? If the answers make you feel good inside, wonderful. If they do not, then perhaps a new game changer is in order.

One simple skill I used to change things up is to ask questions and do not come up with the answer. Let the answers show up instead. In 1996, I asked, more in desperation than anything as I sat down to sigh and muster up more courage to move ahead in life, “please show me the secrets of the Universe and more importantly how to apply them to my life”. Over the next several years, magic unfolded. I quickly learned to be all-inclusive and open with my questions and to ask the results to be with ease. Now I ask, “show me how to integrate this wisdom in the highest and best way for me with ease, joy and glory, thank you”. This is living in allowance. I love this forth game changer.

As my courage and faith expands, life unfolds with wisdom and joy. I owe a huge thank you to all the people and experiences that have enriched my life. Many filled my missing pieces in self love. The next transformational key was choosing an alkaline lifestyle and being trained as a pH nutritional microscopist with Dr. Robert Young. It not only gave me ultimate health and vibrancy but all the hundreds of people I work with have benefited beyond imagination. This was a huge stretch for me in every way possible and one with continuous returns.

Alkalinity, electron rich food; greens, healthy oils, proper amounts of alkaline water and coloured sea salt are all high frequency light and love, whereas as acidity, such as all sugars, starches and meat (hamburger is 3 MHz) emit low frequencies like fear and anger,  irritating our cells. According to quantum physics, we are photons of light. We are alkaline by design, and emit acidity through function much like a car emits fumes when running. Also keep in mind that acidic thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs can add two-three times more acidity in our body than acidic food and liquids.  

Like our world, we are over 70% water, and have over 6000 miles of vessels. Our intestinal track unfolded is 7200 square feet covering a tennis court floor. Our salty oceans need to have a pH of 8.3 to support life, just as our small intestinal track, our root system of health, needs to be 8.4 pH and our blood at 7.365 pH. We are salt water electrical acoustical magnetic beings; a salt water crystal system. All our fluids are salty; our tears, sweat, blood and endocrine system. We run on electrons not calories.

Upon raising my frequency with alkalinity; self love, self-healing and life intensified. Living, loving and manifesting became way more fun and easier! I become healthier and more peaceful at a cellular and physical level. This is another perfect example of the micro, our cells and the macro, the whole person.

In life when we get the inside right, the outside shows the results. An alkaline lifestyle enhances all of our abilities to perform optimally; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It includes nutrition, keeping our internal channels of elimination clean and flowing (bowels, urination, sweating and breathe; did you know that our bowel has more brain cells than our brain; that our heart and brain waves are connected to the magnetic resonance of the earth and moon), exercise, perception, rest, play, connection to Spirit and Self. Living an alkaline lifestyle is the ultimate fifth game changer in self love.

Our physical body reflects our mental approach to living and our emotional attitude towards life. I call it Soulful Living™.  I invite you to contact me for assistance if you resonate with this wisdom. May you always nurture the living essence of splendour living within you, in all the ways that self love calls you to enliven your soul.