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I want to share something with all of you based on my experience.
The knowledge that I have acquired since my transition to a more spiritual place.
When this first all happened to me,
I didn’t know exactly what was taking place, since I started living an alkaline lifestyle, I have become a human transmitter.
Feeding my body electron rich food, filled my cells with the missing necessary components for optimal health.
It also provided me with something else.
I was now experiencing a higher vibration, at the time I didn’t know what it was, it just felt better,
I felt more love for myself and others I felt more connected.

You see we are all light beings and we are all capable at anytime to use our thoughts to create our desired effects. For me filling my own body with living fuel and eliminating as many chemicals as possible sparked my creativity. I was no longer coming from a place of lack.


Previously it was all about lack, I was dwelling on how badly I felt, thus creating a lack of health, and constantly complaining about what I wanted or needed most. Again creating lack of what I had been complaining about.

Once I started to think clearly and feel grateful for what I already had I was filled with the desire to create more.


Choosing more of that same feeling raising my vibration even higher. You see when you feel good or you even just feel a little better it raises your vibration.

But if you stop and dwell on any negative thoughts and allow them to creep in at all, vibration begins to slow and before you know it you are creating an environment of lack.

I find that creating whatever I am passionate about at the moment and then moving on to whatever I am passionate about next always keeps me in a state of joy and raises my vibration.

It is so important to never become attached to the outcome of anything.

There just might be a better way, one that I never thought of, and my vibrational frequency at the time will provide what I truly desire.

I remember a television advertisement a few years ago saying “The mind is a terrible thing to waste” and by thinking negatively and becoming attached to a current situation our vibration lowers, our vibrational frequency basically changes our channel. We are wasting the power of our creative thought.

Feeling good about whatever we are doing is what matters, that is what creates joy. We have the power within us, within our thoughts to do be or do anything we choose.


Raise your vibration to a place of love, a place of gratitude. When you begin to feel grateful, for everything and everyone around you, it can’t help but change the outcome of your day.

Try for yourself just do everything based on love and gratitude, don’t complain, watch the changes that come into your life, how they affect the people around you.

Treat everyone around you with love, respect and kindness, in reality, how you treat others is how you are treating yourself.

We are all parts of the same being, treating others poorly is like treating part of yourself poorly.

Think of yourself as the Johnny Appleseed of the spiritual world.
Planting seeds and moving on leaving a trail of fruit bearing trees behind you , not thinking ,and dwelling ,on the result of planting those seeds.


Most all of them will bear fruit for all to enjoy. When you are passionate about what you’re doing ,it does not seem like work, it is joyful ,blissful, you can’t wait for your feet to hit the floor, to climb out of bed and start your day. Just like the story of Johnny Appleseed, he loved planting trees, he loved to spread the growth of life throughout the world.

He left a trail of wonder and beauty behind him ,flourishing, beautiful fruit-bearing trees all across the world.
To be enjoyed for centuries by millions and millions of people.
That’s a perfect example of manifesting your desires. His desire to have a world filled with apple trees was his passion.

He did not dwell on just one tree, he planted one and made sure it was perfectly positioned to grow and then moved on to what made him happy.

Planting seeds one after another never focusing on one particular event or tree never allowing negative thoughts and deterioration of belief to creep in.
~Scott Jacobs ~